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Winzip 20.5 Build 12118

Winzip 20.5 Build 12118 Free Download

free download

A Quick and Easy Response to Full Backup Storage

Compressors are vital software for the PCs to work quickly. Massive quantities of files can slow down your computer. When this happens, files must be transferred to other storage devices while large files that cannot be deleted must be compressed into smaller files. This is now possible through Winzip.

Winzip is an archiving application for Windows that allows users to minimize and compress large file sizes into smaller ones. What’s impressive is that, this compressor is capable of incorporating different files and archiving them into one big file. It would be a big solution to the consumption of the system’s memory. It will also be easier for users to send large files in email by compressing it first with Winzip. This is a free software that also lets you save time on file attachments due to its small size.

Still Preferred By Many

Winzip has many features that users may find useful. It acts as a fast utility to compress and decompress files for easier storage. The application’s user friendly interface makes it very engaging to work on. Back-up your files through Winzip! Minimize them and place it on storages such as flash drives or external hard drives. Winzip has become one of the most reliable software when it comes to incidents like these. It is always compared to WinRAR and 7-Zip, which basically have the same features.

Winzip is safe to download for Windows based PCs for free. Winzip results in zip files after compression. It is very easy to use even if you are not that familiar with it. However for beginners, it may be a bit confusing to start with. The installation also takes a lot of time to be completed. However, the help and support feature of Winzip will surely make the process and usage of this amazing software application a lot easier.

So what are you waiting for? Download Winzip and try its features today!


  • Fast action towards compression and decompression
  • User friendly interface
  • Excellent file compression controls
  • Very little resource is consumed


  • Limited to zip files
  • May annoy users with its pop-ups
  • Lengthy installation process

free download